Build Links To Your Brands

Posted on December 21, 2011

Link building will remain in 2012 but the changing algorithms of search engines have led to some considerations as to what changes one may seek in the strategy.

  • Brands are given higher positioning these days. So, focus on building brand links rather than just anchor texts. If the content around the posts, articles, pages, etc. is relevant, the SEs are smart enough to know what to rank you for.
  • It has been long since Google started treating subdomains as internal links rather than independent URLs. So, choose subdomains accordingly and include your targeted keywords while naming, which is good SEO practice.It is going to be of critical importance in the year 2012 which sites you choose for link building. It should not be with poor content and should not be thin. You have to value the sites to get backlinks from carefully.

With the ever-changing algorithms, you never know what all you will need to adjust.

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