Byron Bay Florist

Byron Bay Florist


Byron Bay Florist, actually located in Byron Bay, is a local florist who approached us with the goals of creating a Google business listing & have it rank well for anyone who searched “Byron Bay Florist”. They also wanted us to locally tune their websites content, keywords & page titles so that they would also rank number one in the organic search results.


The challenge for Byron Bay florist and us was that the organic search results was full of competitors both locally and in other parts of Australia who were referral sites trying to cash in on people looking for flowers to be sent to Byron Bay.


In consultation with the owner of Byron Bay Florist we conducted a full analysis of keywords, keyphrases, images, page titles, site description & website content.

We then proceeded to rewrite content and place a Google map listing, and basically tuned their whole site geared towards a top 10 result for the search “Byron Bay Florist”.


The result is now rank #1 for both organic search results and for Google maps for either search “florist byron bay” or “byron bay florist”, this is an astounding result given the huge amount of competition from huge Australian companies. The business reported an increase of greater than 200% in turnover over the first 12 months after the optimising was completed.