Local SEO

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is also commonly known defined as the fine tuning of optimising of a website, to target certain keywords that searchers may use when using search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or MNS. Keywords definition is a process taken on by a website marketing specialist that’s goal is to identify keywords, the money is really in the research of these keywords as this is the way people find you. Our experiences team will help you to discover and indentify those keywords so that they can drive more traffic to your website, therefore boosting sales – ‘the bigger the net the bigger the catch’. Once these keywords are researched and analysed, they are applied to the pages within your website.

Outside of your websites original content there are some other factors that play a key role on generating good rankings and include such things as:

  • Layout
  • Navigation
  • Structure
  • Good quality links from quality websites
  • The age of your URL
  • The frequency of how often it is updates – daily (this is best), monthly or yearly

Organic SEO For Local Search

When we first started in business everyone talked about the importance of ‘organic search results’ and how important it was to be ranked one of thereabouts. Since then, however, users and Google have become far more refined and skilled at producing results. Now, when users search for products or services online, they are often skilled enough to also search using town or city names – this brought the innovation of the Google Map Business Listing and this is the precise reason for the need of search engine optimisation for local search. That is not to say that organic SEO is not important, it is in fact very important as not all people click on Google Maps results.

At Local SEO Advice, we aim to maximise the local exposure of our clients businesses to people searching locally for goods or services – for example ‘baby shop + Sydney’.