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Benefits Of Social Bookmarking

March 6, 2012 Comments Off

Social Bookmarking is a great SEO technique. Not only social bookmarking drive traffic to your site, it creates a source of passive income through the increased number of qualified visitors who find your site due to viral marketing results.
Benefits of Social Bookmarking:

It creates HGH additional inbound links to the website.
Social Bookmarking works to market your [...]

Link Building Tuesday

February 14, 2012 Comments Off

Link building with a local focus is important to keep traffic numbers. The local link building game is a humble game about different types of links. Maintaining the rankings for competitive local terms can requires a bit of effort. This mix involves hitting up all the usual suspects such as
1. Regular no-follow/followed links
2. Social media [...]

Build Links To Your Brands

December 21, 2011 Comments Off

Link building will remain in 2012 but the changing algorithms of search engines have led to some considerations as to what changes one may seek in the strategy.

Brands are given higher positioning these days. So, focus on building brand links rather than just [...]

Building Links

November 22, 2011 Comments Off

Right traffic for a website is like a staple diet!! Link Building is one such way that not only helps the website attract traffic but also improve the website ranking on search engines and link popularity. Here are few ways to build your website link popularity:

Excellent content on your site [...]

Content Links From Your Website

November 1, 2011 Comments Off

Google is on a constant move and doing every possible update the keep their SERP’s clean and free of spam. They have framed out where the most trusted links appear on the website:
Content Section: Links present in this section are the most valuable and trusted.
Header Section: These links are also valuable, as most of the [...]

Contextual Link Building

October 25, 2011 Comments Off

Bring your website a better online visibility with contextual link building. It is an effective strategy and studies show that people prefer clicking links in the content rather than clicking them in the navigation bar.
Contextual links are great source to climb up the search engine rankings within no time as:

You [...]

Epping Florists

May 19, 2011 Comments Off

We just created a category on a clients directory titles Epping Florists and we are wanting to speed up the indexing process by Google, which is why we are writing this article about it. Linking the category from this article will, as mentioned, dramatically speed up search engines indexing. This means, that the directory will [...]

Townsville Florist 4810

April 7, 2011 Comments Off

We are currently doing some SEO work for Townsville Florist. The job they wanted us to do is quite simple as they have a very good organic search already – they want us to boost the ranks of their directory listings. This is an interesting development for their business as it is hoped that this [...]

Send Flowers

April 5, 2011 Comments Off

Send Flowers – Given that the most of our clients are florists I wanted to give our loyal readers a little insight on how these types of businesses work & how, with our help, they penetrate the Sydney flower market.
The fantastic thing about an online florist is that you do not need to hold stock, [...]

Townsville Florist

March 8, 2011 Comments Off

An old client of ours, Townsville Florist, wanted to give a huge plug to a new directory listing site, for florists, called Find Me A Florist.
After close inspection, although very new and yet to be completed, this looks an extremely exciting proposition for the floristry industry.
There are a number of ways you can list your [...]

SEO Tips – Deep Linking

December 17, 2010 Comments Off

Deep Linking is an extremely important part of the SEO process and it is something that all websites should strive to search out – we have done this successfully for our clients website Woolloomooloo Florist. If are deep linking ensure you have links arriving from as many locations as possible, however, making sure they are [...]

Tynt Insight For SEO & Link Building

October 25, 2010 1 comment

Tynt Insight can be an effective tool for both SEO and link building but, how can it benefit you and how does it work?
Basically, if you have the Tynt Insight code inserted into your website, each time a visitor, orĀ betterĀ still a competitor, copies your content and pastes it somewhere like a blog, an email or [...]